Slow page loading speed


Scrollsequence is loading slow and I am getting a bad PageSpeed Insights score from Google. What can I do to increase loading speed?


Scrollsequence loads only a few images on page load, remaining ones are pre-loaded in the background, so it does not block rendering. There is a Preload Percentage settings in the options menu that controls the behavior. Also optimizing the images is the key to achieve good loading times. 

1) PreloadPercentage setting in Options panel - This is a trade off between how fast the page loads versus how smooth the animation is right after page load. If you want the page to load quicker, decrease the percentage from 12% to 1-2%. If you experience jagged animation after page is loaded, try increasing from 12% to 25-50%. You may experience longer loading times. 

2) Optimize image size and resolution see you can also use WebP images. 

3) Image resolution - FullHD is good if you want to scale to fill 100% of the screen. If you want to fill just portions of the screen, you can reduce the resolution. 
4) It's always good to experiment with the number of images. From a source video where the movements are slow, there is no need to use every frame. But for fast movements near the camera, use every frame.
5) Consider placing Scrollsequence further down  from the top of the page - user spend few seconds looking at the content on top, before he scrolls down and the animation will be loaded in the meantime
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