Scrollsequence is not sticky

Issue: Scrollsequence is not sticky and while scrolling it moves up and is not fixed to the screen


In the dashboard options is a choice between CSS Sticky which has the best performance, but it does not work with all Themes, especially with the ones that use overflow:hidden CSS property. On the other hand Javascript Sticky works with most themes, but there may be a nasty one frame glitch when the position changes from relative to fixed. This is because most browsers handle scroll on a different thread and it takes about 1/60th of a second for Javascript to realize that the sequence should be fixed to the screen. 

1) Dashboard -> Options 

2) Scrollsequence Settings -> Position

In the Scrollsequence edit screen, you have the option to position the sequence. Make sure you select "Sticky" if you want the sequence to be fixed to the screen. Static position makes it move with the rest of the document. 

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