Scrollsequence starts or ends too soon or too late

Scrollsequence Starts or Ends Too Soon Or Too Late And Jumps

We are calculating as much as possible in advance. When there are some fancy CSS transitions, or height of elements changes on user interaction, Scrollsequence may start or stop sooner or later than anticipated. To correct this, call ScrollTrigger.refresh() javascript function each time there is a significant change in document height.

Some background information
To combat situations like this, the plugin triggers ScrollTrigger.refresh() a couple of times after the page is loaded. It delays the call even further if there is active scroll, because ScrollTrigger.refresh() takes a certain ammount of time, and if it runs while you scroll through the sequence, there is a small "jag" that we want to avoid. 

refreshFunctionSsq is run 1,5 and 10 seconds after page is loaded.

- manually call ScrollTrigger.refresh() a few more times, either after the page finishes loading, or after the user scrolls say a 100 pixels (if the sequence is at the middle of the page) or on any suitable hook that you can think of. Please note that it's not advisable to call ScrollTrigger.refresh() while scrollsequence is animating (user is scrolling) 

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