Scroll to Scene, Frame or image on click

Question: How to make a button or a link to a specific scene, frame or image on click


There is not a native built in function for that, but it is on our road map. Below are some manual steps how to achieve such effect.

1) Create a phantom element and absolutely position it where you want, and then use the href="#target" Example:

<div style="position:relative">
    <div id="target" style="position:absolute;top: 2000px"></div>
    [scrollsequence id="your_id_here]
And then inside the scrollsequence enter this to the fixed content editor: 
<a href="#target">go to target</a>
2) Or you can utilize javascript scrollto function.Create an onclick listener and when clicked, scroll to the desired position, either instantly, or smoothly.It would make sense to take into account the  .top position of  .scrollsequence-wrap class to make it responsive. 
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