Roadmap and Feature Request List


1) Preloading Option - Currently the pre-loading happens progressively. The order of image preloading is given by normal distribution, so the images that have higher probability of being displayed, are loaded first. There will be a new "Linear Preloading" option that simply starts from the first and linearly loads the images - this will become the new default. The new the linear loading gets rid of "jagged" animation that occurs for the first few seconds while only a few images are downloaded. 

2) Add images via URL list - or with a folder instead of WordPress media gallery

3) Gutenberg Block - Allows you to select an existing Scrollsequence via Gutenberg block. 

4) Animation Checker - If animation is poorly defined, there can be jumping, jagged movements or other issues. Animation Checker will warn users if the animation logic has flaws. 

5) Scrollsequence Height Settings - to allow smaller than full screen animations. ssqHeight (px, %, vh) and ssqTop (px, %, vh) 

6) ssqInput data storage - ssqInput is stored as an inline javascript variable with each sequence. Some plugins alter the default behavior and it results in error. To fix that, ssqInput could be stored as data-* attribute instead.  (All In One SEO, and Uschema plugin conflicts) 

7) SVG path animation

8) Cloud conversion from .mp4 to sequence of images. 

9) Snap to specific frame of animation - make it possible to "snap" to certain points of animations. Ie: after user scrolls past the starting point, it will continue playing up until a specific frame on auto-play. 

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