Change Log

1.3.3 Update

- High Pixel Density Detection and canvas scaling - Retina displays have higher resolution. Option will be added for the canvas to follow that higher pixel density and show the images in high resolution if the device supports it. 

- add image from WP Rocket CDN url instead of wordpress media library

1.3.2 Update

- Bugfix with FSE Themes

1.3.1 Update 

- Position: Absolute 

- Shortcode Hide - Update

1.3.0 - Major Update

- HTML Structure Simplification

- Native CSS Sticky option -  There is an ugly "jump" when scrollsequence starts animating. This is caused by Javascript changing the element position from static to fixed with a delay, that is caused by the fact that scrolling happens on a separate thread.  This can be prevented by using native CSS "sticky" position instead of Javascript. Downside of native CSS sticky is that it is compatible with only about 70% of themes. Themes that use "overflow:hidden" break the CSS sticky behavior. Solution: Add an option to select between "Javascript Sticky (default" or "Native CSS Sticky (optional)" 

- "Delayed Call 1,5,10, seconds " - Jagged Animation Bug caused by calling ScrollTrigger.refresh in a delayedCall function 1,5 and 10 seconds after page load. This is to ensure, that fresh values are available for the script. The ScrollTrigger.refresh is causing the animation to be jagged, because it takes ~20ms+ to complete and frames are dropped.  Solution: Only do ScrollTrigger refresh if animation is not running. 

- StartTrigger and EndTrigger - Currently the animation can only start once the sequence is fully in the view port. Start trigger and end trigger options will allow you to move the starting and ending animation triggers.  [PRO]

- Bugfix "Problem repeatedly occurred iOS Safari" 

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